Welcome to Seafood Quest special trivia and secrets page. One of biggest hidden secrets is Northern Kentucky University’s aquaculture certification program. Many small farms are adding aquaculture division to add another revenue stream to the farm income and strong technical skills that they learn at Northern Kentucky Aquaculture program is a key there success.

My top secret is that seaweed has Omega 3 content and a company called New Wave Foods will started delivering in 2020 an alternative to shrimp. A seaweed product that will look and taste like Shrimp.

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Secret number 1

Buy shrimp and scallops that are free of the food additive STP perservative

Secret number 2

Costco has a great sustainable Seafood program

Rainbow Trout from Costco

Secret number 3

Home Made Salmon Seasoning can be found on Etsy

Secret number 4

Swali has become a popular fish to eat that comes from Vietnam. Swali does not have great food value and is often treated with a lot of sodium based food additives.

Seafood Secret 5

Top 25 Seafoods Companies in the USA

Seafood Secret 6

Farmed Raised Icelandic Artic Char maybe a healthly option to farmed Salmon as is less expensive and raised in low density pens

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