Desktop uv cure machine box led rotary chamber UV rapid prototyping post resin curing for sla lcd dlp 3d printer cure models


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New upgarde function:(Highly recommended

1.wash model

2.cure model

3.heating 30-70 Celsius (can setting)

4.Bottom and top reflective film upgrades, all-round curing,

5.Tone reminder

6.Parts:Transparent tank and washing bucket and tweezers




1.FEDEX/TNT/DHL/UPS express which it is send on the plane all 100% must pay custom fees.please know it.but it is fast arrival.

2.You can choose Aliexpress standard or Ordinary package.

According to the customs regulations of each country, these kind of transportation belongs to the spot check and pay the tariff, the probability will be much smaller, it is recommended.

3.New green model can prevent 98% UV penetration.Much better than the black shell.

4.The heating section allows the cabin temperature to be 60 degrees, which increases the depth of cure and reduces shrinkage cracking.Not all resins are suitable for heating, please ask the resin supplier.



1.We will send you a free fcuring the special Transparent round box(only our store have it), put the model inside, add water, the curing speed and cure effect of the model will increase by 100%.

2.Scorpion, easy to take the model.



UV Curing BOX for SLA/DLP/LCD 3D printers cure models

Light source: UV LED
Wavelength: 405nm
Light power: 3 x 40W (3 side lights, totally 120W)
Heating frequency: 70W (selective)
Input voltage: 110-220v
Curing size: 180x180x250mm
Machine size: about 230x230x270mm
Control time: 0-120mins
Rotation speed: 15 circulation/min
Weight: 3kg


– OELD touching screen

– Intelligent time control

– Three side lamp power control

– External power supply

​- UV protective door

​- heating function 



Additional information

Weight 105.8219 oz
Dimensions 3.9370 × 3.9370 × 7.8740 in

Green with heating, New upgrade

Brand Name



Curing resin models all directions

Color Print Speed

15 circulation/min

Item Type


Model Number

Jennyprinter UV cure box


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