3D Printer Filament PLA – 1.75mm -Various Colours Available Black/White/Gery/Blue/Yellow/Green/Red Germany Stock


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Package Include:

  • 1 Roll of PLA 3D Printer Filament 


  • Print temperature: 190-225°C
  • Raft temperature: 190°C
  • First layer temperature: 225°C
  • Filament diameter: 1.75mm
  • Filament diameter variation: less than +/-0.1mm
  • 0.85kg each roll


  • PLA – The wide range of available colors and translucencies and glossy feel often attract those who print for display or small household uses. Many appreciate the plant based origins and prefer the semi-sweet smell over ABS. When properly cooled, PLA seems to have higher maximum printing speeds, lower layer heights, and sharper printed corners. Combining this with low warping on parts make it a popular plastic for home printers, hobbyists, and schools. 


1. What is your filament diameter specification?

  • For 1.75mm filament, the specification is 1.70mm~1.78mm, normally between 1.7~1.73mm

2. What is your idea printing temperature?

  • It is hard to get a fix printing temperature. In fact it determined by material itself and printer sensor. If the printer sensor is not good is also can mislead the printing job.
  • The PLA can be printed between 170C~240C and the idea is 210C. This value will little variable due to different color and printer temperature sensor

3. Why the filament can not stick on heated bed?

  • In fact when different materials combine together, the adhesion should not as good as the same material itself.
  • So when combining with two different materials, the material character is important.
  • Normally Kapton tape, 3MM blue tape, breadboard are the idea material that can adhere filament.
  • There are also some tips on that:
  • The higher the heatbed temperature its, the better adhesion it is.
  • The distance of nozzle and heatbed more closer, the better quality it is.
  • But need to assure that filament can be extruded within these distance

4. Why the printing failure accurs when using filament?

  • To avoid these issue, you need to confirm:
  • Diameter is ok, no clog on the filament.
  • The first layer should be OK.
  • It is very important for a successful printing.
  • If you solve the above issue and still not get good quality, it should be caused by the printer.
  • Because the precision of printer is very important.
  • The printing work is based on layer by layer when you print something.
  • If the mechanic is not good, the nozzle can touch the printing parts.
  • As a result the nozzle will adhere more and more filament because of hot head can adhere plastic.
  • Then it should cause a failure printing parts.

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Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

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