Seafood restaurant can be started in 9 easy steps. Why not consider starting your own mobile food truck restaurant selling delicious seafood restaurant on wheels. Food truck Business is growing at annual rate year 12 percent a year and the cost to start a food truck business is about 30 to 40 % compared to the cost to start a brick and mortar restaurant. With the extra bonus of being able to set your own schedule around special events.

seafood restaurant
Find other ideas about food trucks acting like mobile seafood restaurants seafood restaurant

Step 1 Before researching the seafood restaurant idea to closely, make sure FICO and credit scores are good shape at lease 650 or better. If you credit history is less than perfect than you might want to spend 6 months to a year working on paying down your cards and other methods to improve your credit. One tip for have a better credit score is keep your balance on your credit balance less than 30 percent of your credit limit.

Step 2 What kind of seafood would be suitable for selling in Your mobile restautant? Fish and Shrimp Po Boys with coleslaw. Maryland Crab cakes , Sushi , Clam Chowder, and Seafood Gumbo. One special tip you may want to put your menu board on whiteboard to start out with as you may need to alter the pricing or the menu items to match your customers.

Step 3 Finding events and activities where you can spot your mobile seafood restaurant. State fairs, county fairs, all types of festivals, and special events like weddings. Everfest has a website that list major food truck fest in the United states.

Step 4 Finding a food truck to rent or buy . Figuring out what options you want to have make your mobile food restaurant to run profitable.. Do you want to house your restaurant in a food truck or a concession trailer with a truck to pull . Do you want one or two windows to service the customers.

Step 5 Several ways to market your mobile seafood restaurant include setting up a Facebook page and a website. Develop a fancy color scheme to paint your food truck to draw attention. You may want offer special promotional coupons for an upcoming event.

Step 6 You will need business licenses, health certificates, special event insurance, and other special permits depending on your locations. Try meeting with your local business official. The National Restaurant Association has a large amount of useful information to help a starting restaurant and the cost to join the association is too very much.

Step 7 You will need to find seafood and shrimp pricing. What each sandwich or serving will cost. Don’t forget add in some extra cost for spoilage or preparation mistakes. With estimates on how many seafood meals you have to serve to make a profit. Visit some local festivals observe what is popular , the signage, and the pricing of your competitors.

Step 8 Gather all of your monthly expense – food, labor, rent, insurance, supplies, food truck payment, and 10 to 15 expenses for the unplanned will generate a profit. Visit an account that work will with a small business and they can help put your numbers together for a financial plan for your business to submit to a bank or other financial investor.

Step 8 Talk to your banker about funding you mobile seafood restaurant business. Another good source to take to about loans is the government as the have special micro loans for less than 100,000.

Step 9 After receiving funding for your projects, make a list of all of your tasks required to do before you can begin business and allow plenty time to complete these tasks. You still have time to have your seafood restaurant up running by springtime.

seafood restaurant