5 Options in Selecting Good Frozen Seafood

Knowing the various options of frozen seafood that available are important in the selection process. Having done some research I have come up with Five options in selecting good seafood

At what temperature is seafood frozen?

is the seafood package individual vacuum seal or bag?

is these the seafood enhanced with a STP food additives or other additives?

Premium online seafood store Sizzlefish offers frozen or fresh, sustainable seafoods with no food additives like STP.

Picture of Sustainable Shrimp Sizzlefish

Is seafood sustainable ? caught in safe manor ? Or raised in certified aquaculture method? is there antibodies used in the aquaculture practice.

Is it with in the expiration date.

Finding sustainable and no food additives ( increase the amount of sodium substantially) Can be found at Costco under the Kirkland Brand, Trader Joe’s Brand, and BJ Club Wellesley. These brands are sold at slight premium and narrowed the larger premium on frozen seafoods.

Target is dropping it’s Market Pantry Brand and is replacing with its new brand Good and Gather, perhaps we will see upgraded seafood products at Target soon. Kroger is in a process upgrading their stores and offer a brand Simple Truth which may not be available at all of their stores.

Some seafood is flash frozen on the boats after it is shipped. The frozen seafood is that is flash frozen at a -40 degree has the fresh taste. The freezing method is usually not the label.

Frozen Seafood

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