Farming Maine Sea Scallops

Maine Sea Scallops are being farmed by fisherman trying to diversify their reliance on lobster for their income. Learning Japanese aquaculture farming methods of raising sea scallops , the Maine fisherman buying special scallops spat to start their aquaculture farms. As spat grow are transferred to lantern net and specially design Japanese drilling machine where holes are drilled to allowed for hanging these young sea scallops.

The draw back to the Maine Sea Scallop farms growing quickly is the initial start up cost and the time line required to grow out this seafood species.

Should buy Scallops from Sams Club or Costco? Costco has a very quality standard in processing their fresh scallops by not using STP a chemical food perservative on the Kirkland brand.

Sams Clubs has only has STP Sea Scallops a special order option in 30 pound containers.

Krogers brand of Sea Scallops uses the STP food perservatives.

STP Free Scallops

farming maine sea scallops

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